I wont be updating this blog but I will be updating my website kingtan.com.au

so head over to kingtan.com.au and bookmark it!



kingtan.com.au online now!

It is my pleasure to bring you to another level of my design life with the birth of my very own website! I have always wanted to have one ever since I was in college so I could showcase my portfolio of work to the world and now it is LIVE! So head over to http://kingtan.com.au now!

I will keep you informed with current projects in progress at Roadshow Entertainment, personal designs as well as freelance works. Feel free to browse around and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Good day folks, I haven't had the time to update my blog or post new works this is because I'm currently working on getting my new website up. So please bare with me as I try my best to get my new website up and running.


jane and the dragon

An ABC kids title, out now!

hopscotch triple pack

Faster, Doctor Tornado and Dust to Glory triple pack!



Can you feel the energy rushing towards you?


teletubbies musical rhyme time ad

Ad for Teletubbies latest DVD called 'Musical Rhyme Time' which will be printed on New Idea magazine.

hopscotch 1/4 page ad

As usual, Hopscotch's ad is really simple and clean.


moving wallpaper and echo beach dvd

speed racer

Approved! It has been sent out to DVD Industry just this afternoon, ready to be printed in Screenprint magazine. Unfortunately I wont be able to get my hands on a hard copy as they are only distributed to video stores so I will have to just go with the soft copy, will put it up as soon.


stack ads

Found the ads I did for Hopscotch and Roadshow in JB Hifi's Stack Magazine September issue. If you want a closer look at the real deal it can be picked up from any JB Hifi store and the good thing is its free! I have attached a pictured copy and a flat copy for your viewing.



Having contemplating on how to bring interest into my blog I will be posting on some projects which are worth mentioning.

I am currently working on some
Speed Racer ads and BBC documentary header for JB Hifi. They are still under approval with some major changes to the JB Hifi header. Some REELs title were already sent off and undergoing production, will take pictures of actual item when I get the chance.

Heres a picture of my current project briefs.


sorry ranga day

Poster I did to promote Sorry Ranga Day as well as promoting 'Summer Height High'.

five minutes more - make me a rainbow

My first design for Roadshow Entertainment is a kids DVD title 'Five Minutes More'. Although it looks simple and plain this took me a while to design as I wasn't sure on the restriction of the design so a little bit of research and going through the ABC Five Minutes More style guide showed me the boundarise of designing it and here it is.


ABC ads

Some HPV ad I did for ABC.


mighty boosh 3 t shirt

A design I did for the launch of Mighty Boosh 3 and Roadshow Entertainment was kind enough to give me one for my effort. BBC went with the dark purple t-shirts and they were screen printed in 3 different colours, white, yellow and black onto a dark purple . It is a good way to promote the DVD which was recently released in stores with something for the fans to look forward to.


superhero movie + captivity

This is an old work which I did, it was a full page ad on Stack Magazine of the new movies out on DVD.


retro wallpaper

I have been pulled into the retro design space and loving the things I learn and every moment of it. Some people have been asking me why my design revolves around "myself" and the reasons are 1) I was designing on the spot and needed an individual to make some poses. 2) I am designing display pictures for facebook and msn messenger.

Here is a new design which doesn't consist of my physical self. Cheers.


bed of roses ad

One that was published on 16th August New Idea magazine and I failed to get a snap shot of it so here it is a flat copy.


60's poster

Adding a new addition to my design skill is the 60's poster design style, this is used as my avatar on facebook too. I am waiting for the day that I can apply these skills to my work.


empire magazine ad

Heres another one of my ad which was published recently on Australia's Empire Magazine, this is a HPV (half page vertical) ad of Be Kind Rewind.


designer for life

As for my passion in design, I will be a designer for life no matter where I am, where I work, what I do and where I go. I see design wherever I go let it be cooking, eating, playing, exercising, blogging, watching a movie and etc. I look at how well an object is designed, wonder how they did it and if I could do the same. The current designer that I currently look up to will be my creative director at Roadshow Entertainment, my mentor if I could tag him. The way he looks at a design, the way he design, the way he explains to me, the way he remembers things and the way he communicates and treat his staffs is second to none. Whenever he comes back to me with changes or when he re-arrange my work amazes me, with his guidance and my passion for design I will try my best to excel in any given task.

This design is for all the designers out there that loves what they are doing, designing! Cheers.


apple coldplay design

Design inspired by coldplay apple design ad. Some have mistaken this design to be inspiring or impressing to my audience whereas it is bluntly a copy of coldplay apple design ad. Not used to get recognition but use to improve my design skills which I need badly, I need to learn as much photoshop tricks so that I can be more productive at work and at home. Learn or fall behind, thanks for reading.

That Mitchell and Webb Look Ad

I missed out in getting a copy of 'That Mitchell and Webb Look' HPV (half page vertical) ad that I did for Drum Media. For this ad I was given the freedom to do what my creative instinct told me to, though I must say I spend quite a while on this ad as it was my 2nd week at Roadshow Entertainment and I was worried if the creative director was to like it or not. He came back with a few changes and away it goes.

So here it is a flat version of the ad, I've learnt my lesson and will be keeping a record of all my projects that are being approved so that I will be able to provide a 3D version of the actual product. Thanks again.


the godfather + peaceful person

My avatar was getting old and its time for a new avatar, thats when 'the godfather' came into play. John, the creative leader of Activate Youth emailed me asking if I was interested in designing the desktop wallpaper for September's theme which is 'Peaceful Person', I took the offer and these are the results.


first published work

Finally I got a hold of STACK and The Brag magazine from JB Hifi, they published the ads that I did at Roadshow Entertainment. These are among the other things that I do at work, from creating the layout and design to taking pictures of the DVD pack shots. Some were merely laying out the existing artwork and design element which were already available to us, all we had to do is create an ad that attracts the reader's attention and designing the layout to suit the DVD pack.

Be Kind and Rewind half page horizontal ad for The Brag magazine was done about 3 weeks ago, my job was to use the design elements from the DVD pack shot and create an ad. The Hopscotch ad that I did for Stack magazine was completed around the same time as Be Kind and Rewind ad, for this ad I had to re-design the layout of the page with the DVD pack shots and still shots from the movie.

Hope that this will at least give you an understanding on the projects that I have at Roadshow Entertainment. Stay tuned, more to come.

The Brag Magazine (A3 size)

Stack Magazine (A4 size)


make over

My old blog looked too plain and simple, not enough design element. So I spend some time playing designing the banner and background, this is what I came up with. Hope you guys like it. Cheers!


work and personal work

Im still yet to get a hold on my design for the works I did for Roadshow Entertainment and from now on I will be taking down the release and publish date of my projects so it will be easier for me to get some decent pictures of them instead of having to constantly check video stores and magazine for them.

Meanwhile, I have been playing around with photoshop lately to improve my skills so that I will be able to be more productive at work, anyways enjoy.


my projects so far

I am yet to let you folks know what project and how many projects I'm currently handling. The left bar tab on the image below are the projects that I am currently doing which counts to 25 and it doesn't include previous projects which had been completed.

Just to show you guys that Im not really having a walk in the park at work BUT I am definitely enjoying myself! Challenges and interesting projects!

I will post up pictures of the actual product as soon as I can get my hands on them and I thank you for your patience.


being a junior graphic designer at Roadshow Entertainment

Disappointed at myself was what I felt after 4 weeks at Roadshow Entertainment and now I ask myself this question "Am I even qualified to be a graphic designer even though I have got a degree in it?". The reason I question myself is because of my performance for the company, for the first week at work I had about 10-20 questions that I asked my colleagues, its really ridiculous actually with the pay that I am getting and the performance that I am giving is like robbing a bank.

I thought after working at the company for a few weeks I would get a hang and become more productive than ever but no it was nowhere near. This really got me wondering, what happened to the HD and D that I got from college? what happened to the "praises" I get from people? what happened to all the skills that I have learnt from college? where did they all disappeared to?

I finally realise the importance of work experience, its extremely important. Getting experience in the working world will allow us to see and understand what "real clients" are after and forces us to put our skills to good use, not only that but we will be forcing ourselves to improve and learn more design techniques to help improve our design which I am currently learning. Getting back from work, I have the urge to improve my design skills as I question myself daily at the office on why I am not getting the result that I was aiming for and how can I improve my current design? All these questions gives me motivation and motivation to do better for work will also improve my design skill and lifestyle as an individual.

I will aim to do the impossible and try to achieve the impossible, with goal this high I have nowhere to go but to improve myself and this is my journey...


fulltime job

Good day folks, been a while since I have last posted on my blog this is because I have been offered a position as a junior graphic designer at Roadshow Entertainment. Started since 30th of June and have been enjoying working there ever since, never would I thought working for a corporate company would be this fun and exciting. My job consists of designing DVD sleeves, DVD label arts, CD Sleeves, CD Label arts, point of sales (yet to do one), Full Page magazine Ads and etc. I have learnt so much from just a week of experience and wouldn't trade it for any thing at all.

On a different note, I won't be updating my blog as often as I use to but will post as soon as I finish a project for Roadshow. Till then, stay creative!


graduation ceremony

Thats right ladies, Raffles College of Design and Commerce will be hosting our graduate exhibition this month. The main exhibition is held on 15th of July with -
  • student works (interior, fashion, graphic, moving image, multimedia & photography) displayed
  • renown design industry speaker - Associate Professor Madeline Lester
  • annual booklet of graduate work
  • networking with design professionals
  • sponsorship from 2dayFM
  • Entertainment - DJ, fire dancer, sausage sizzle, drinks and nibbles
The main exhibition which is held on the 15th of July is for invited guests only. If you (literally anyone) wish to attend please RSVP with me or Raffles College by 10th of July.

The public exhibition which is held from 16th to 25th July, 10am - 5pm. Anyone is welcome!

Raffles College

Address: 99 Mount St, North Sydney, 2060.
Contact: 9922 4278
Website: www.raffles.edu.au


major project - deliverables one

Been a while since I've last blogged, its because I've been busy finalising my major project and getting them printed, it took longer than I thought it would. I'll be off printing the project book tonight and will have it photographed for your viewing, meanwhile enjoy the photographs of my deliverables.



Business Card and Letterhead

CD pack