teletubbies musical rhyme time ad

Ad for Teletubbies latest DVD called 'Musical Rhyme Time' which will be printed on New Idea magazine.

hopscotch 1/4 page ad

As usual, Hopscotch's ad is really simple and clean.


moving wallpaper and echo beach dvd

speed racer

Approved! It has been sent out to DVD Industry just this afternoon, ready to be printed in Screenprint magazine. Unfortunately I wont be able to get my hands on a hard copy as they are only distributed to video stores so I will have to just go with the soft copy, will put it up as soon.


stack ads

Found the ads I did for Hopscotch and Roadshow in JB Hifi's Stack Magazine September issue. If you want a closer look at the real deal it can be picked up from any JB Hifi store and the good thing is its free! I have attached a pictured copy and a flat copy for your viewing.



Having contemplating on how to bring interest into my blog I will be posting on some projects which are worth mentioning.

I am currently working on some
Speed Racer ads and BBC documentary header for JB Hifi. They are still under approval with some major changes to the JB Hifi header. Some REELs title were already sent off and undergoing production, will take pictures of actual item when I get the chance.

Heres a picture of my current project briefs.


sorry ranga day

Poster I did to promote Sorry Ranga Day as well as promoting 'Summer Height High'.

five minutes more - make me a rainbow

My first design for Roadshow Entertainment is a kids DVD title 'Five Minutes More'. Although it looks simple and plain this took me a while to design as I wasn't sure on the restriction of the design so a little bit of research and going through the ABC Five Minutes More style guide showed me the boundarise of designing it and here it is.


ABC ads

Some HPV ad I did for ABC.


mighty boosh 3 t shirt

A design I did for the launch of Mighty Boosh 3 and Roadshow Entertainment was kind enough to give me one for my effort. BBC went with the dark purple t-shirts and they were screen printed in 3 different colours, white, yellow and black onto a dark purple . It is a good way to promote the DVD which was recently released in stores with something for the fans to look forward to.


superhero movie + captivity

This is an old work which I did, it was a full page ad on Stack Magazine of the new movies out on DVD.


retro wallpaper

I have been pulled into the retro design space and loving the things I learn and every moment of it. Some people have been asking me why my design revolves around "myself" and the reasons are 1) I was designing on the spot and needed an individual to make some poses. 2) I am designing display pictures for facebook and msn messenger.

Here is a new design which doesn't consist of my physical self. Cheers.