designer for life

As for my passion in design, I will be a designer for life no matter where I am, where I work, what I do and where I go. I see design wherever I go let it be cooking, eating, playing, exercising, blogging, watching a movie and etc. I look at how well an object is designed, wonder how they did it and if I could do the same. The current designer that I currently look up to will be my creative director at Roadshow Entertainment, my mentor if I could tag him. The way he looks at a design, the way he design, the way he explains to me, the way he remembers things and the way he communicates and treat his staffs is second to none. Whenever he comes back to me with changes or when he re-arrange my work amazes me, with his guidance and my passion for design I will try my best to excel in any given task.

This design is for all the designers out there that loves what they are doing, designing! Cheers.

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