experimentation halftone

Staying away from my major project for the day allowed me to do some experimentation and this was the result. With this new technique I will be sure to use it more often in the up coming designs. Cheers!


major project turn over

After much thinking, research and feedback, I have decided to re-design the whole deliverables for my major project. The concept design seems to be too clean and corporate like which wouldn't appeal to teenagers. Though the clean and simple design style seems to be my speciality, I took a big step out of my comfort zone by stepping into a new design territory, away from my old "design box".

Indeed it will require more time and effort to get the pace going but the result will without a doubt be fulfilling. There is a long journey ahead of me but being a perfectionist and my passion to excel will only bring the goal closer to my feet.

Let the passion begin!


major project - concept (t shirt)

Here is the t shirt.

major project - concept (CD pack & Button Badges)

Along with the stationary set comes the CD pack and button badges. Just like most design campaign out there my deliverables have similar design style.


Other passion

My other passion apart from designing artworks is circuit racing. Ive had a passion for the race track ever since I got my Type R. These designs were the result of bringing my passions together.


major project - concept (stationary set)

As part of my last semester as a design student of Raffles College of Design and Commerece, we were assigned to complete our major project. The course outlined the major project requires students to develop exciting and creative designs to showcase their work to the public eye.

The company I chose for my major project was Synergy. Here are some info about them:
"Synergy has been in operation since early 2004. It is a means for different youth ministries across Sydney to come together and not only create fellowship, but also actively sow into each others ministries by way of open communication, advice, finances and project collaborations."

My role was to help improve the effectiveness of Synergy's internal and external communication.

These are the front and back of the business card along with the letterhead. more to come, stay tune!


these designs were used solely as self promotion on myspace. it was my first experiment with illustration and photoshop was used to create these 2 designs. quite happy with the way it turns out and was definitely satisfying knowing one could think and step out of the ordinary design box.


Its alive!

Its finally up and running! Please bare with me as I make some changes over the next few days on the layout of this site. This site will mainly be my design corner where I will post up some of my latest artwork. Feel free to bookmark this page as I will try my best to update it regularly.

Take Care.