being a junior graphic designer at Roadshow Entertainment

Disappointed at myself was what I felt after 4 weeks at Roadshow Entertainment and now I ask myself this question "Am I even qualified to be a graphic designer even though I have got a degree in it?". The reason I question myself is because of my performance for the company, for the first week at work I had about 10-20 questions that I asked my colleagues, its really ridiculous actually with the pay that I am getting and the performance that I am giving is like robbing a bank.

I thought after working at the company for a few weeks I would get a hang and become more productive than ever but no it was nowhere near. This really got me wondering, what happened to the HD and D that I got from college? what happened to the "praises" I get from people? what happened to all the skills that I have learnt from college? where did they all disappeared to?

I finally realise the importance of work experience, its extremely important. Getting experience in the working world will allow us to see and understand what "real clients" are after and forces us to put our skills to good use, not only that but we will be forcing ourselves to improve and learn more design techniques to help improve our design which I am currently learning. Getting back from work, I have the urge to improve my design skills as I question myself daily at the office on why I am not getting the result that I was aiming for and how can I improve my current design? All these questions gives me motivation and motivation to do better for work will also improve my design skill and lifestyle as an individual.

I will aim to do the impossible and try to achieve the impossible, with goal this high I have nowhere to go but to improve myself and this is my journey...


fulltime job

Good day folks, been a while since I have last posted on my blog this is because I have been offered a position as a junior graphic designer at Roadshow Entertainment. Started since 30th of June and have been enjoying working there ever since, never would I thought working for a corporate company would be this fun and exciting. My job consists of designing DVD sleeves, DVD label arts, CD Sleeves, CD Label arts, point of sales (yet to do one), Full Page magazine Ads and etc. I have learnt so much from just a week of experience and wouldn't trade it for any thing at all.

On a different note, I won't be updating my blog as often as I use to but will post as soon as I finish a project for Roadshow. Till then, stay creative!


graduation ceremony

Thats right ladies, Raffles College of Design and Commerce will be hosting our graduate exhibition this month. The main exhibition is held on 15th of July with -
  • student works (interior, fashion, graphic, moving image, multimedia & photography) displayed
  • renown design industry speaker - Associate Professor Madeline Lester
  • annual booklet of graduate work
  • networking with design professionals
  • sponsorship from 2dayFM
  • Entertainment - DJ, fire dancer, sausage sizzle, drinks and nibbles
The main exhibition which is held on the 15th of July is for invited guests only. If you (literally anyone) wish to attend please RSVP with me or Raffles College by 10th of July.

The public exhibition which is held from 16th to 25th July, 10am - 5pm. Anyone is welcome!

Raffles College

Address: 99 Mount St, North Sydney, 2060.
Contact: 9922 4278
Website: www.raffles.edu.au