first published work

Finally I got a hold of STACK and The Brag magazine from JB Hifi, they published the ads that I did at Roadshow Entertainment. These are among the other things that I do at work, from creating the layout and design to taking pictures of the DVD pack shots. Some were merely laying out the existing artwork and design element which were already available to us, all we had to do is create an ad that attracts the reader's attention and designing the layout to suit the DVD pack.

Be Kind and Rewind half page horizontal ad for The Brag magazine was done about 3 weeks ago, my job was to use the design elements from the DVD pack shot and create an ad. The Hopscotch ad that I did for Stack magazine was completed around the same time as Be Kind and Rewind ad, for this ad I had to re-design the layout of the page with the DVD pack shots and still shots from the movie.

Hope that this will at least give you an understanding on the projects that I have at Roadshow Entertainment. Stay tuned, more to come.

The Brag Magazine (A3 size)

Stack Magazine (A4 size)

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