major project - flyer

One of the deliverables for my major project. All text are done by hand giving the flyer an organic feel to it.


print portfolio - version 3

This is the final design for the cover of my portfolio. Version 1 didn't have a cover on the side which allows the portfolio to get dirty while version 2 wasn't pleasing to the eye. I am very happy with version 3 as it was just an add on to version 1 and it has a good contrast of colours instead of the boring black and white. Enjoy.


print portfolio - version 2

Being a perfectionist that I am, I decided to do some changes to the book case of version 1 by adding a open and close cover for it. Here is what it looks like.


major project - desktop wallpaper

Desktop wallpaper is one of the deliverable that I choose to do for my major project. This is the result! I am very happy with the result as most people who knows me would definitely be shocked to know that I had done this.

If you would like to use it for your desktop wallpaper, please do email me at king.tan@y7mail.com and I will be more than happy to send you the hi-resolution copy. Cheers!


major project - letterhead

This is the letterhead for my major project. As you can see I kept the same style going to keep the designs consistent, you will be seeing similarities in the layout as well as design elements used throughoutthe whole major project.


major project - business card

Its been a while since I have last made a post regarding my major project after taking a big turn around (refer here).

It has been a great challenge for me but I managed to pull through, below are the results.


print portfolio - version 1

I've been really busy for the past few weeks. Updating my blog with my major project progress is taking more time then I thought it would. I had to update my resume with more sample artworks as well as building an online portfolio. All these effort was to get myself ahead and ready for graduation.

Building my printed portfolio consumed more time than my online portfolio and resume put together. Considering I needed to get the supplies of material for it, designing and building. Below are pictures of the finish product and I must say I am really pleased with the result. Worth every pain and sleepless nights. See you next time folks! Until then stay creative!


resume + portfolio goes online!

I have added a personal link to the navigator on the right which include links to my resume which is in PDF format as well as an online portfolio with all the works I have done to date. Feel free to check them out.